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Keto Spanish Bread

This is by far the BEST Filipino bread I’ve ketofied.

Wet hands are the key to handle a sticky dough.
Form a ball of dough into your hands and flatten it then put a small amount of the filling then roll it up and coat it with the almond flour.

Once it’s done, it should look like this.


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  • Debbie Barlan

    Hi Cristina,

    I tried to make this last week but I ran into a few issues with the Instructions that I wanted to ask if you can clarify please.

    #3 when you say mix the yeast with the warm milk, is that regular yeast or nutritional yeast? And how much yeast?

    #5 how much nutritional yeast to mix? Is it the full 1 tsp?

    #6 says add melted butter, how much melted butter? It was not listed in the ingredients for the bread

    how much psyllium husk to use? is it 1tbsp?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Cristina

      Hi Debbie!

      Thank you for trying my recipe!

      First I would like to apologize for the missing ingredients. I added it. Thank you for asking.

      #3 It’s the regular dry active yeast that use to rise the bread.
      #5 Nutritional yeast is different than dry active yeast.
      We add 1 TBSP of dry active yeast with inulin powder to warm milk.
      #6 It’s 2 TBSP melted butter.
      It’s 1 TBSP Hysk powder.

      Let me know how it turns out!