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Keto Chicken Potsticker or Dumplings

This Keto potsticker is so good! I used to just go to a Chinese restaurant and eat just the potstickers. This definitely cured my cravings. Smells like it and taste just like it. Recipe adapted from  Hungry Elephant.

I tried using the dough to wrap the potsticker and I definitely prefer it that way but using cabbage as a wrap is delicious too. I will post the dough recipe soon.

1 head of cabbage


1 lb fresh ground chicken
1 tsp Powdered ginger
1.5 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp sesame oil
3 tbsp coco aminos (these are high in carbs but keto-friendly if you like you may replace it with Liquid amino)
2 TBSP chopped green onion



In a bowl, put ground chicken, ginger powder, garlic powder, sesame oil, coco amino, and green onions. Mix well with hands or spatula. Cover and marinate for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

In a large pot, boil about 8 cups of water. Add some salt.

Peel some of the outer leaves that’s too old. Remove the core of the cabbage. Just like the photo below.

Cabbage with no core

Drop it in the boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes. Once the outer leaves look done, get a thong and slowly peel it off. It should be easy to take it off.

Put it in a bowl with ice water to stop from cooking then repeat.

Once you’re done. Drain the cabbage leaves and cut the hard part of the leaves. I cut one leaf in half and removed the hard part.

Take a spoonful of the marinated meat and put it in the leaf and start rolling it as shown in the picture below. I was able to make 30 pieces.

Potsticker in the pan
Potsticker in the pan

Once you’re done, put it in the steamer for 10 minutes to cook. After the steamer, cook it in the skillet with butter for a little crispiness.

Potsticker in the pot

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Printable recipe below. For more tasty keto recipe, go here.

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